Saturday, March 22, 2014

Total Newbie

      I've been wanting to create a blog for quite some time now, to share the amazing journey that is life with my daughter, but I have been scared to jump in. So here I go! It will no doubt be a long while before it looks at all like what I have in my head, since I am no tech genius, but i suppose one must start somewhere...
      That is kind of an issue for me actually. I prefer to start at the finish, where everything is all nicely wrapped up. Since that is rarely an option, I tend to not start many things that intrigue me because I would hate for them to fall short of the image in my head. But Glennon Melton of the magnificent Momastery blog has inspired me to jump in NOW... even though I am scared because I don't know what I am doing.
      I am also nervous about security in blogging. My munchkin is such a remarkable light in this world and I feel the need to share her spirit with others, but I also worry about putting her name and face out there. What if someone who is not quite in control of their senses decides they want this beautiful light for themselves and decides to hunt her down? I imagine it would be quite readily doable for someone who was determined. So I have gone back and forth in my mind about the relative safety of anonymity versus the sort of obligation I feel to let my little light shine on as many people as she can reach. For now I think I will fool myself into thinking I am protecting her identity by not using her real name. I actually call her by the pet name of "Angel" so often that I have had little children get rather confused and ask me if her name actually is Angel, even when they have heard me use her real name before!

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  1. I have heard some of your story before, but not all this detail. It is such a lovely miraculous story. I am anxiously waiting to hear more about your little Angel girl!!! You are an inspiration to others, and I am so proud of you!